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Default Re: How Hard Is It To Make 1000 per month playing online poker?

If you are playing, say, an average of 10 hours per week and you play 4 tables at a time you are looking at about 300 hands per hour, so 12,000 hands per month.

To make a thousand dollars at a really good winning rate (5 BB/100 hands) playing a total of 12,000 hands you are looking at winning 600 BB.

$1000/600 = $1.7 per BB so you'll need to be playing $0.50/$1 blinds as an absolute minimum.

So you'll need to buy in with $100 on each table, so you'll need a bank of about $3000.

A bit more reasonable than my first calcs, but still you'll need tp play really good to keep that rate up over a long period.

The problem is that you need to stay in the zone. So you need to be playing a few hours every day, in my opinion.

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