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Default Re: Zach Randolph and Rudy Gay Can Not Coexist

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
Their problem has never been putting up numbers. It's been about them not figuring out who is THE guy when it's time to run the offense through a player. Lebron and Wade figured out who was the top dog after a year, Memphis still hasn't in 3 or 4 years. They play like year 1 Lebron,and Wade where they take turns offensively. In otherwords they can co exist but come playoff time it will be a weakness again and it's not a very cohesive pair. Neither makes the other better and they don't feed off each other the way Zach and Marc do. Rudy should ideally be the 3rd option.

You really do just regurgitate whatever you hear in the media. First off, lets remember that one had a season ending injury half way into 2011, and the other was out for half of last season and not %100 all but 3 games of the 20 or so that he did play. They had large amount of time where they did not play with each other %100 You are someone who is always looking at advanced stats. Take a look at rudys clutch situations stats. If you are talking about with the game on the line with 5 seconds left, Rudy is taking the shot. Now if you are speaking of who is the guy in a longer stretch, it is all about match ups. People act like it is some horrible thing when you dont have one person labeled the absolute go to person under any condition. Sometimes Zach will be the one whos got it, sometimes it will be Rudy. Both have been "the man" before in their careers, so they understand the responsibility and what has to be done. But they just want to win. Zbo has taken a back seat to rudy and focusing on making the plays best for the team..

Next, what you are saying about not making each other better, what the **** are you talking about? Zbos rebounds dont contribute to Rudys scoring? Rudy stretching the floor doesnt help zbo in the paint? The grizzlies play team ball. There hasnt been a player play selfish a game this whole year. Please explain to me this lack of cohesion. A worse grizzlies team without Rudy Gay beat a spurs team that was better than the spurs team that swept you in the play offs last year. I know you like to belittle the grizz any chance you get, but try to give your own opinion instead of putting a bunch of quotes together from multiple peoples discussions on the Cant Coexist topic.

Lastly, who is the go to guy for the clippers? because it seems to me that Crawford has been the man. Are him and cp3 going to suffer in the playoffs because they are both able to take over a game?

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