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Default Re: How did the Clippers lose to the likes of Warriors and Cavs at home when...

I said it is impressive and I am answering the question he asked.

Originally Posted by TheCalmInsanity
Lakers almost beat the Spurs with Morris as starting point guard

The Spurs had Ginobili, and are 7-1 (well, 7-2 tonight after losing to the Knicks)

And I don't care, Wade played. His own fault for playing if he was playing on 1 leg... Also, that's not a good enough excuse for being down by 20 to the Clippers' bench with Lebron James on the court. As good as the Heat are the Clippers just had a great night.

Don't make excuses about the Clippers just because you don't like CF86. Troll a different team, please... The Clippers are doing just fine

Lakers are also 3-5. Ginobli isn't 100% and Wade isn't playing tonight because his shit is so fked up.

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