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Default Re: Romney says Obama won by showering black, Latino & young voters with big gifts.

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
great question

I see this as two tracks...

I still like Ron Paul because he has integrity (thats the biggest key with me when it comes to selecting politicians) and he would get us outside of a monetary system that I hate.. We get outside of the FED, and we could give all that money back to the people. You cant just cut everything off and be draconian, (and Paul acknowledges this) but we could be a better nation if we work together and get off the Keynesian monetary system.

But the problem is that the GOP froze Ron Paul out because they know he isnt bullsh*ttin. They love handouts more anyone else in the country, thats why they project onto to poor and middle class people.

If we are trapped in Keynesian economics? Then I have to side with the people who would regulate it, because greed is the biggest problem here.. Greed in a system that will cripple everyone but the people who have the money to buy the politicians...Thats what we'd have.

All we did was buy ourselves some more time to get ourselves in order as a country..

Obama isnt great.. But Mitt Romney and the GOP are crazy..
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