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Default Re: International Posters: Let me learn ya

Originally Posted by Bandito
Well I am from Puerto Rico and I live in a small town in the south called Arroyo. Basketball is probably the second biggest sport here, Baseball being the first (by a lot). My town is pretty rural and there is nothing going on here in the way of clubs and all that sh1t. I really hate this town but I am broke and I am stuck here. The women here are fine if you into latino chicks. I live like 15 min from the beach on foot so yeah at least that's pretty cool...I am going to post some picture if I remember from my phone.
By any chance do you study at the Inter in Guayama? If so, there's a high chance I probably studied with you or seen you or something.

Kinda weird there's someone from the around the same area. I'm from Salinas.
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