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Default Re: Just watched Blade Runner for the first time...

i didn't read all of page two's replies, but didn't see anyone point out HOW AWESOME RUTGER HAUER WAS IN THIS MOVIE!

also of interest was that the GF from wall street who was also the mermaid in splash! played one of the replicants in a pretty interesting role. not sure if anybody here remembers that stuff, but whatever. also, the novella that the movie was based on has some very interesting themes and sideplots that we don't see in the movie:

- most animals are extinct or have had their numbers heavily reduced, so owning an animal and caring for it in public is like driving a porsche these days. the pressure is so great that if you can't afford a real animal, you buy a synthetic animal and pretend to care for it just like the real thing.

- when you wake up in the morning you walk over to a mood-modifying machine and dial in the mood that you want for the day. it doesn't fully satisfy, though, which is why rick deckard's wife tends to dial in moods of depression and anger.

- the concept of church and god has been replaced by an electronic empathy box that you grab the handles of and share a group experience of a christ-like figure walking up an endless hill being pelted by small rocks.
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