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Default Re: How did the Clippers lose to the likes of Warriors and Cavs at home when...

Originally Posted by ncrizzle
so what happens when billups comes back? Do people think he is going to take Crawfords (leading scorer) spot? Take away from the already low minutes of bledsoe? And yes, grant hill is ok, but he is 40 years old, always injured, and hasnt played a minute with this team. Obviously Del Negro will be able to handle the roation

Why would he take Crawford's or Bledsoe's spots? He doesn't play their roles. Chauncey is not a backup 2 guard/6th man, nor is he the backup point guard. He is the starting 2 guard.

There is a reason Vinny plays Willie Green as the starting 2 instead of starting Crawford. It's so that when Billups comes back, Crawford's role doesn't change from starter to bench player. This way, everyone's roles are the same except for Willie Green who just loses a starter spot.

I understand you can't compare them to superstars but if Dwyane Wade was injured he shouldn't have played. He wasn't limping, nor did he get hung on a dunk or anything. He looked fine especially on that play where he tried to bash it on Bledsoe. Wins talk, excuses walk... Just remember that
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