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Default Re: Top 5 Obama Donor Just Cut 1000 Jobs due to ObamaCare

Originally Posted by miller-time
it isn't that it won't have any impact, it is that the reaction is over the top. it is tantamount to taking your ball and going home.

anyway i think any layoffs will be temporary if they are legitimately a reaction to obamacare. if the positions are needed then people have to be put on regardless of whether the business needs to pay a fraction more for each employee.

You don't get it. They will lay off exactly as many workers as will maximize profits. They aren't going to lay off too many because it will cost them money, and they aren't going to lay off too few for the same reason. A company as big as Papa John's will have an army of economists and accountants crunching numbers and figuring out the ideal level of employment. The bottom line however is that if you increase the cost of labor companies will be forced to terminate some workers, at least in the short term until labor demand picks up.
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