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Default Re: Zach Randolph and Rudy Gay Can Not Coexist

Originally Posted by Mr. NBA
True. Right now there isnt any egos. But the next step to become a championship team is one player to be dominant every game. Rudy looks as if he is becoming that player and Zbo is cleaning up the glass to score easy buckets vs his post game. IMO, I think we can be similar to those pistons with better offense. The problem with that is it may not work in the Western conference.

Not to go off topic but you're the classiest, most unbiased Grizzlies fan I've seen on here, kudos. I think all teams in the finals need ONE player who emerges as the undisputed closer and who can be relied upon every game, not just every couple. The Heat in 2011 didn't have this figured out and it hurt them vs the Mavs in the finals. Yet we saw in 2012 when the Heat CLEARLY became Lebron's team he DOMINATED the playoffs and led them to the championship. Zach looked like that player in 2011 playoff run prior to his injury. Which is why I personally feel the Grizzlies offense should primarily be run through Zach+Marc who are the best bigman rotation in the NBA and unstoppable most of the time.

I was being serious earlier when I said Gay should be the Grizzlies 3rd option. Seems like when Randolph+Marc dominate, Grizzlies don't lose.
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