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Default Re: Do some people really think Larry Bird couldn't dominate like he did, in this era?

Originally Posted by SHAQisGOAT
So in great scoring centers era, center defense was weak, in great scoring guards era (today), guard defense is weak? Please don't give me that. Just because you had great scoring SF's with great skill in the 80's that doesn't mean defense was weak against SF's lol.

Originally Posted by SHAQisGOAT
I know they have, all I was saying is that a guy like English had more because of the style of the Nuggets play
This myth really pisses me off. There is NO superstar, in the history of the league, that took as much beating on the floor as English did. In many cases the only way to make the guy miss a jumper was the slam him right across the arm, which many defenders did and often times got away with. Trying to throw him off the pace by hitting him hard early in the game was a commonly employed defensive tactic against him. Against mild defense he was an almost certain 30-40 ppg. He was just that good.

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