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Default Re: Heat need a decent center bad

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
Hibbert's a punk that has nuts smaller than me despite the 100 pound size difference. West has honestly played fairly well, offensively anyway, dude's just been bricking, everything's short.

George has stepped up. He's just not "the next McGrady" like a bunch of morons said. His handle's better (for 6'9 wing), he's hitting the boards, still playing strong on ball D. He's just not as good or going to be as good as people made him out to be, as I tried to tell people. I don't fault him for not being able to carry a team at 22 years old while coming into the league with nothing but spot up skills. Plenty of idiots do, but I don't.

They try to run shit through Hibbert but it just doesn't work. They give it to him from 8 or so feet out and try to cut off him but Granger's not there so defenders have no reason not to cheat and by the time Hibbert's passing lanes are closed defense is more than set and he's just weak. Quick dump down and a little baby over the shoulder hook is his move, not dribble a guy down under the hoop. His punk ass can't eve get consistent block position, let alone create it after he catches the entry.

Indy's offense is a legitimate disaster.
Good post, but I'm telling you Granger is important! Maybe he has become underrated?

Two more things:
When is Hansbrough going to start having a FG% that is acceptable for his position?
Surprised by Stephenson doing well, especially with his 3PT shooting
Also, new guys (Green, Augustin, Mahinmi, Young). Good, bad, meh?
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