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Default Re: first team to beat the legendary knicks

Probably should be the Grizzlies. I think its going to be a battle though. This isn't that tough of a back to back, when you consider all the rest the Knicks got up until the game on Tuesday vs Orlando and they basically rested in that game.

I will go on record saying that Melo is a bigger mismatch to Zbo than the other way around. Melo is a strong dude, and knows positioning well in the post whether that's boxing out or defending the post. Last season Melo was number 1 in the NBA defending post shots, and is top 10 this season (that according to some article I recently read referencing Synergy). Playing the 4 isn't that new for him, he did it for stretches in Denver too. Camby/Martin/Nene all had seasons where you thought they'd end up like Greg Oden and out of the league. Besides that, the Knicks have Camby and Rasheed capable of playing next to Chandler and putting Melo at SF if things don't start well. They're not the Heat with no quality options if small ball isn't working.

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