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Default Does ANYONE miss Last Stand?


Seriously though. This has to raise the question.... how did a perk/deathstreak/whatever that NOBODY liked and pretty much everyone openly expressed their hatred for make it into 5 whole COD game. Not to mention getting more and more powerful with each reincarnation: Second chance brought the ability to revive each other, Final Stand brought the ability to use primary weapons and equipment and crawl to a safe spot so you can get up after a short period of time, and Dead Man's well, it was Dead Man's Hand. Enough said...

It's so beautiful to finally have it out of the game for good(hopefully) so it can become a distant memory. But I'm still trying to figure out how it made it this long to get removed. It added nothing at all positive to the gameplay. It existed solely to annoy people. And although a lot of people (ab)used it, nobody really misses it or wises they would bring it back.

So this made me wonder... what else is in the game that doesn't really add anything positive to the gameplay(or makes it worse) that they could remove and once people notice how much better the gameplay is once it's gone, nobody will miss it?

I mentioned UAV/Ghost/Silencer the other night. That's just my opinion though... I think the gameplay is a lot more enjoyable when the whole game isn't about radar advantages/disadvantages. Everyone shows up on radar when they shoot, nobody shows up on radar when they're not shooting. Simple. Fair. Would fix a lot of balance/perk issues and would stop a lot of people's complaining. I feel like that even though people are so addicted to their UAV/Assassin/Silencer whoring right now, once they actually got used to not having them in the game they'd realize how much more balanced and enjoyable the game is without them and that they don't really miss them as much as they thought they would.

Anyone else have any ideas like this on things that wouldn't be missed if taken out?
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