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Default Re: GOP Butthurt Thread

Some more GOP butthurt:

Virginia GOP Official: Obama Will Go To Hell

Virginia Republican party official Bob FitzSimmonds is by no means a fortune teller, but he feels confident guessing that President Obama is going to hell.
In a Facebook posting, FitzSimmonds, who is a close associate of Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, speculated that Obama would live a long life but when he died at 90, he would be going to hell:

FitzSimmonds stood by those comments, telling the Virginia-Pilot, “my Facebook post was not about Obama going to Hell. It was about his obsession with blame shifting and I don’t really see anything inappropriate about it.”
But a spokesman for Cuccinelli, who is running for Virginia governor, was quick to dismiss the comments, saying “Mr. FitzSimmonds does not speak for our campaign, and we don’t agree with his assessment.”
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