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Default Re: Sources: Lakers hire Mike D'Antoni

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Im not downgrading his career as a player. He's a crappy coach. Lets just admit that lol. Michael Jordan was the BEST player ever. Look at him as a team owner. He freaking sucks!

I just don't think "playing credentials" should be used to so easily sway the opinions of fans. Was Kobe right about how they should trade Bynum for Kidd? Was Phil right about trading Bynum for Artest?

These "top notch legends" are so high up there they don't even notice what goes on under their nose.

How did none of my post make any sense? I TRIED TO LEARN ENGLISH I REALLY DID!!!

Listen, I know you really don't know much about Magic Johnson......or coaching for that matter. For you to state that Magic knows as much as you about Mike Brown level comment.
And worse to try to bring Kobe and Phil's proposed deals into it is just lame to say the me me anyone in a decision making position who has never made a mistake.......your comparison posts show a definite lack of knowledge of the game, no nicer way to put it.....and I am REALLY TRYING.

Now if you want to enlighten me with your knowledge then please tell me about the season that Magic took over as head were what...3 years old or so? Yet in the time between now and then you now, through your experience, know as much about coaching as Magic???
I as there at the games, talking to the players afterwards.

Just stop were the main Mike Brown homer on here.
Magic said that Mike Brown was a bad hire and would have fired him at the end of last season. You would learn a lot more about the game if you would listen to those who know the game better........and this doesn't mean quoting bench warmer Duhon

Still laughing about Steve Blake the defensive wizard

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