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Default Re: Clippers vs Grizzlies in a Playoff Series: Who Wins

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
If you can't be playoff ready after playing 35 regular season games post surgery then he's not doing something right. We are talking about 2-3 months and he's getting the injury card pulled just because in 2011 he dominated in the playoffs? A HUGE part of Zbo's struggles in the playoffs was Reggie Evans who literally tore him a new asshole every time down the floor defensively. Zach was getting pushed out of the paint and forced to shoot a bunch of 18 footers.

In usual fashion though rather than crediting the winning team (very shorthanded one at that) we make excuses for the losing team. Like I said in the other thread why are we going to talk about Zach being less than 100 percent when he played 2-3 months before the playoffs, yet disregard the Clippers 5 best players having fresh injuries?

Caron had a broken hand, BG had a torn meniscus and hyper-extended knee, CP3 had a bad groin pull, Mo Williams had a shooting hand injury and Billups was obviously out. Every team is banged up come playoff time but no other team had their 5 best players injured like that.

CP3's groin pull was actually the injury that kept him out the last two games of the regular season and it was re-injured. I've had a couple groin pulls during games and as a PG you can't do SH**. Can't move laterally without a great deal of pain, can't cut, can't jump. Hell he deserves respect just for at least playing through it for the rest of the playoffs.

Up until game 4 where CP3 re-injured it he was putting up a crazy 23.5 ppg, 11 apg, 5 rpg and nearly 3 spg vs the Grizzlies and looked like the best player in the playoffs. No coincidence that immediately following the injury his production plummeted starting with game 5 vs the Grizzlies, continuing through the Spurs series.

Why do the Clippers injuries count, but not Randolph's injury? I don't have a side in this debate. I like to watch both teams play when Miami isn't on.
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