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Default Re: D Antoni: One of the least efficient plays in basketball is just the straight post-up

Originally Posted by Clutch
If you play Princeton/Triangle offense - Nash not used the right way
If you play D'Antoni's offense - Kobe,Gasol and Dwight not used the right way

Pick your poison

how does that make sense? his system is pick n roll's which can be with any of those players, and running which should free every player up with more lanes every time down the court. this halfcourt crap where all the Lakers take are short J's because the middle is so crowded is whats dumb. or passing it around from the post living and dying by Gasol's hot/cold short J's and passing to Artest to shoot because he's always the open man. at least D Antoni will get the balls into the hands of his stars to win their matchups and have more lanes to get theirs.

i mean the Lakers are real lucky Kobe has been burying those deep J's with hands in his face this year. he should have a lot more open shots without playing against a constantly set defense.

and ideally they should have less TO's with less constant passing from every player in/around the post.

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