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Default Re: Zach Randolph and Rudy Gay Can Not Coexist

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
Okay... so scorer in the clutch consistently then? CP3 was the most clutch player in the NBA last year but take him out of the discussion if you want. Who's the Dirk on the Grizzlies? The Lebron? They just don't have a clear cut GO TO PLAYER. You keep saying "well multiple guys can do that any given night". How has that worked for teams like the Nuggets? Sixers? Deep teams with no defined, undisputed go to scorer.
You're comparing a team like the Nuggets that have no one that can create for themselves (Iggy can't, Galinari is inconsistent, Lawson jumper and shooting overall this year sucks, Faried needs to be fed) to a team like the grizzlies (Conley can shoot and drive as good as any pg in the league, Marc Gasol who can get a basket anytime by himself, Z-bo no explaining necessary and Rudy Gay who can elevate and shoot over anyone) late in the game.

Great comparison

Having 4 people who can create for themselves at any time legitimately is a bad thing according to CF86 you should only have one

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