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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by Nanners
this is what I love about arian foster. so far this year, he has been basically matchup proof. played him last week against the bears defense with confidence. the only other RB who i would start against bears or SF without any second thoughts this season is adrian peterson.

Good, because I just traded for AP and he's got Chicago two more times this year.

Originally Posted by QUIZZLE
Though you gave up some homerun hitters, what you got my friend is consistency. I didn't like what you did after reading it initially but I think it will fit. Marshall's gotta be leading the league in targets. He definitely is more consistent than Cruz, this year especially. AP is a huge advantage over McCoy right now. Losing Reggie Wayne's tough; he's having a monster year but Sanders can get you some points here and there. Hopefully your league is a PPR league because Reece gets a lot of receptions.

Yup, PPR. I was already planning on benching Cruz for Sidney Rice this week just based on the fact Rice has had 5 TD's in the last 5 games, and he's been on the bench. Not to mention Manning's looked like horseshit lately. So I upgraded a wideout and halfback and got Rice in my starting lineup. He got three stars in return that he'll need to make a push for the playoffs since the rest of his team is underachieving. Win/win.

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