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Default Re: The -primetime- TOP-20 RBs of All-Time

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
not sure why that is funny to you...the guy is a HOFer...6th ALL TIME in rushing yards...and he was flat out awesome

I guess somehow you missed him playing but I didn't...he belongs in a top-20 list for sure, no question

#14? Too high. And for a career 3.9ypc back who had only 2 seasons with double digit rushing TDs. What was awesome about him? You liked the nickname "The Bus"? Liked seeing a fat north-south rusher? Ok. Put his stats in perspective and tell me what is #14 about them? Did he finish among the best rusher in the NFL in his 13yrs? Was he ever close? How often was he considered an elite RB?

His character was cool.Great guy. Leader. Big smile. But I question how much he deserves to be in the HOF honestly but thats another topic.
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