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Default If Lebron Sits Out The Next Game And Wade Plays......

And has a good-great game (Bron injured his shoulder last night against the Nuggets, I dont think he will miss time, just a thought) can we start top point to a chemistry issue?????

I completely feel like Wades problem right now is 100% mental, if you watch dude on the floor he has not lost a whole lot of what made him great, he is still just as quick, just does not jump as high as he used to (and thats always the 1st thing to decline). Coach Spo has constantly shown Wade no love over the last 2 seasons (or every since wade said Spo is not "his guy" but he is his coach), have you ever seen a superstar start out games 5-5 or 6-7 ect and get benched with 5 minutes left in the quarter no matter what. Since their 1st season where they had the 2 best all around numbers in the league, how much time has Wade had on the court without Lebron???? Why does coach Spo refuse to let Wade have his time to shine while giving Bron all the time in the world to do what he wants.

Maybe Wade is looking at this shit like, "hold up, we both are great players, treat us both like it". No matter if Wade is wrong or right (if this is the case), dont you think its the coaches job to keep players happy. Im not saying this is true, but mos def a possibility.
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