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Default Re: When Amare comes back is he starting or coming off the bench?

They need Amare. There's a lot of trade Amare talk, but trade Amare for what? What player (within reason) would make the Knicks better. If they didn't have a player like Amare, they'd need one.

Carmelo Anthony is the Knicks only scoring in the paint. He's on pace to play a career high in minutes. He went to NY to make scoring easier and play with a guy like Amare. Amare will make Melo more versatile and free him up, and vice versa. Say the Spurs still decided to take Carmelo out of the game with traps as they did last night, Amare would feast in that situation. And if Amare goes off, and they shift towards him, Melo would get easy buckets. Amare is also an effective rebounder (effective, not great, but still good).

Their 3pt shooting will come to Earth (but still remain at the top of the league), and they need interior scoring. Amare is a guy that can get you 12 fts a game.

I'm not saying Amare has to start, but there is not a better fit out there. The Knicks are set at Guard, and in the paint. A guy like Pau won't help their floor spacing more than Amare...a guy like Josh Smith won't help them really score in the paint. Amare's comfort with the pick and roll, and he is an unselfish player will fit right into the offense. He can backup the 4 or the 5, he just has to make his defensive rotations.

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