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Default Re: I didnt make my High School Basketball Team?

You just got outplayed simple as that.. If you clearly played better then them you would have stated it but you didn't. All you said was you worked harder then them, if the play was about even I would've gone with size and athleticism which you even stated you were no match for the other kids. I don't think he picked by race, it's just your race probably prohibited you genetically to keep up with other kids who were more blessed physically.. sorry dude.. work harder..

I know asian kids who I used to destroy in high school and there were two of them who were good but couldn't keep up athletically. Anyways I ran into those two about a year ago at some gym. I haven't played in about 2 years and these two have been still consistently playing.. long story short they were hands down the two best players on the court and they destroyed me and my guys. They were faster quicker then all of us, I believe asian kids develop a little slower than other races. They still grow and fill out even after college. We were joking after the game how much times have changed.. Just keep working at it kid, what do you have to lose? I am 28 now btw.
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