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Default Re: If Lebron Sits Out The Next Game And Wade Plays......

Originally Posted by LBJ 23
Almost every game first 5-6 minutes of the second quarter and fourth quarter. And usually(there are times when they play great though) this is when Miami loses their lead or their flow is messed up. I'm not blaming Wade for this, it's completely normal that a team will start to struggle when its best overall player on the planet is on the bench.

Rarely, sometimes in the fourth quarter Lebron doesn't even start if Wade and Bosh are blowing out teams, but like I said this does not happen very often.
Nah, it was like that their 1st season together and it changed around the middle of last season. Bron usually starts the 2nd quarter after playing the whole 1st while Wade does not come back in until the 9 min mark. Bron rarely sits for more than 3 minutes at that point no matter how the game is going. All im saying is, when you have 2 players of that quality it will not help the situation by showing favoritism to one of them. For the last few games Wade was taken out at the 5 min mark in the 1st and at the 5 min mark in the 2dn, i mean, what the **** is that??????? How can anybody get in a rhythm if their coach does not let them stay on the floor no more than 5 minutes at a time. Coach Spo was doing this last year too, Wade was getting subbed 4 times per half SMH. Have you seen when Wade gets subbed at the 5 min mark in the 2nd and gets subbed back in at the 2 min mark, that shit is retarded my dude.
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