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Default Re: If Lebron Sits Out The Next Game And Wade Plays......

Actually an interesting point. While I don't know if Coach Spo is that passive-aggressive, I do wonder. There is no reason (especially last year, with the bench as it was) why Wade and Lebron don't get time on the floor without the other...last year, Wade was hurt and was carrying too much weight. But even so, there were opportunities to get him some time on his own.

This year, he's still clearly recovering from the knee, but he's looking a lot lighter. He's not jumping as high, but he's still jumping high. He's still quick, he's still got great speed, even if not as much as before. With Allen now on the team and how ideally he works with Lebron (especially when allowed to handle the ball some) there is no reason for Wade not to get plenty of time with either Bosh or with neither of the two on the floor.

They still play very well with each other in the opening of games and at the end of games. When they're killing turnovers they obviously get out in transition like gangbusters. But they could use time to get their shine. In the end, it's gonna hurt Miami a lot when Wade is that diminished. Despite Shaq getting away with it for a couple years and Duncan getting away with it for a couple years, the truth is you can't just turn it on in the playoffs...not when you're actively shutting it down in the regular season. The Celtics suffer from it every year.
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