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Default Re: D'antoni: "Don't take the D out of my name"

Originally Posted by Kiddlovesnets
The hate D'Antoni received from this board is somewhat insane, lets admit hes at least a way better coach than Mike potato-head Brown. If Brown could lead Lakers to 41-25 and 3rd seed in the West, sure D'Antoni can this time unless the players quit on him completely.

I'd take Mike Brown in a heart beat over D'antoni. I think Brown is a defensive guru, and he got that team to the 2nd round without a pg last year. If D'antoni coached that team last year, they lose in the 1st round....if he didn't resign already for poor production. Maybe the Princeton wasn't the best idea, and I'm not so sure that wasn't something that came up after a meeting of the minds...I remember the first time hearing about this system was out of Kobe's mouth. I for one like the Princeton, but ONLY in situations where the team moves the ball in transition also and utilze pick and rolls within the flow. The Nets with Kidd ran the princeton, Byron Scott took it to the Hornets with Paul and they ran it about 35% of the time, The Kings ran the system as well.

That said, D'antoni has a nice offensive philosophy and it could work IF he learns to adjust. That idiot saying that Post plays are inefficient is not cool....he has to adjust. That's why he left NY,
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