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Default Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Discussion

Originally Posted by GOBB
I hate this game. Moreso the frustration part. Kill one guy, cant drop the other.
This. Although I did empty a clip on B flag and got 6 kills. Why was the whole team was on B flag? I don't know. Why was nobody keeping an eye on where I was? I don't know. How do I kill 6 guys with only 30 bullets? I sure as hell don't know. Usually its a dozen per person.

And on a second note, the guardian might be the most useful killstreak ever. For 650 points it can hold a flag by itself, and it nets you 100+ points as well. I'm also warming up to the lightning strike. Good value at 750, kind of like a predator missile, precision airstrike combo. If a UAV is up when you use it, its a guaranteed triple kill really.

After I unlocked the Orbital VSAT, I threw it on. Either my team was ass (which it was) and couldn't get a kill while it was up, or it does not add points to your streak. Probably option #1 but I'll have to head to youtube and see what is up with it.
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