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Default Re: If Lebron Sits Out The Next Game And Wade Plays......

Good thread, by a knowledgeable Wade fan.

Let's start breaking it down.

People have been calling for the quick, rapid demise of Wade's dominance as a superstar (mostly Laker fans) since his quick ascension and domination of the league's elite in 2005, 2006, and 2007 w/ his shoulder injury, and then knee injury.

He has always recovered, and in some cases (2009, 2010) came back an even stronger player, literally as well (yes, I do think he took steroids) the current hate against Wade isn't fully warranted.

Is this the first season where he's showed VISIBLE decline? Yes. He's getting up there in terms of NBA age, and his playing style has changed. It relied a lot on athleticism, and attacking non stop, with tremendous amounts of heart. You can't do that all the time, especially at an advanced age in the NBA, and trying to go deep into the playoffs / Finals every season.

It's disappointing he hasn't elevated his defined basketball skills, particularly shooting, to slow down the aging process.

That's the skill that allowed MJ and Kobe to gradually age, yet still be quite clearly ELITE caliber players. We've been seeing this in LeBron too since 2011, and he's made another dramatic leap forward this year with his jumper.

Wade's regression is party due to age, partly due to his half court game being redundant w/ LeBron's and I also think a combo of the mental games w/ his coach and himself. Yes, there is quite clearly a passive / aggressive war between Wade and Spo. Has been for awhile. For all the reasons stated in this thread. Let's also not forget resident nice guy Wade, almost knocking his puny coach's block off on television in the playoffs last year. There is heat (pun intended) between the two.

It also has to do with confidence. He was hurt last season, and took a deliberate back seat to let LeBron be alpha and have a true pecking order on the team. It let LeBron flourish, and you can see Wade struggling with the adjustment to the role as beta. Because as recently as 2011, there numbers when both healthy were virtually the exact same.

It also doesn't help that maybe deep down, Wade is regretting the decision he made in 2010. As of now, people are acting as if LeBron has always been carrying a severely declined Wade. And history may go down with that as popular opinion, even if it's wrong. LeBron is getting his shine in the media, and Wade is slowly evaporating from the lime light.

He could've went to Chicago, been the team's best player for his hometown squad, had a superstar sidekick, who also would be a home towner and they could've took on the NBA as brothers in the shadow of the Jordan legacy, and shouldered that pressure together ... and I feel like that 2011 Bulls w/ Wade and Thibs as coach could've beat Miami w/ LeBron and Bosh.

Afterall, we are forgetting that Wade lost a tremendous accomplishment on his resume. He was LOCKED the way he was playing in 2011 to getting another ring, and a for sure FMVP and LeBron totally blew that for him.

Then the very next season, Wade once again makes a sacrifice to make LeBron look and feel good for the betterment of the team. This hate against Wade currently is un-warranted. He's had a couple of bad games. Big deal, he starts off the seasons slow always, works his way into shape and knocks off rust. He's also coming back from injury and dealing with this whole reduced role. I'm sure he's saving some in the tank for the playoff, too. Ray Allen is biting into a chunk of his minutes as well, and it doesn't help Spo doesn't let him go solo controlling the team to boost his stats, game, and confidence.

As I've said since the start of the year, he should be 6th man and feast on benches and easy defenses until the playoffs start. LeBron and Ray mesh better anyway on offense.

But it is disappointing it seems like he puts more work into his homo fashion trends, then in the gym on his jumper. Which would make him age much better, ala MJ, and Kobe.

It's annoying watching a once great ball player who played for dramatic buckets, decisively play for foul calls instead. I think him doing that shows a glimpse into his confidence levels, as well.
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