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Default Re: LeBron Leaves Fan Hanging

Originally Posted by HardwoodLegend
There is no way to conclusively say what he was looking at.

At most, I could only make out a quick glance towards the guy right before he lifted his hand.

It's silly that everyone's making a deal out of this when we don't even know what happened after the camera cut away from it. He may have acknowledged him as he walked past.

cmon bro... the guy EVEN SAYS SOMETHING to Lebron... Lebron knew the guy was there... nothing wrong with this... id be a massive prick too if i were a superstar, give me 12M a year and a starting spot on some non playoff team were i can pat my stats and id be doing this every day... at least Lebron was kind enough to attempt the i didn't see you act instead of flat out acknowledging the guy was there and still ignoring him.
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