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Default Re: If Lebron Sits Out The Next Game And Wade Plays......

Originally Posted by 2swift4u
I'm not sure we should blame Spolstra for Wade's performance. I think Wade is a) not giving it 100% at the moment and complainig too much on the court, not getting back etc. and b) he's not the player anymore he used to be. his way to play asks for great athletic abilities and 100% effort & aggressivness, which is hard to do as you're getting older (+ injuries). Nevertheless I think once the playoffs start he will be playing better.

Terrific post. He whines to the point that...he used to be one of my absolute favorite players...I honestly don't even like him anymore.

Money/Swoosh...I do think he's regretting his decision.

I don't know if Rose makes that leap with Wade there...but Wade is not a selfish player. They don't have guys in the frontcourt to go thru (do they sign Boozer if they sign Wade? Or would Taj be the starter?)'d be like a Dumars/Isiah backcourt in that the offense would be centered on a street-balling PG and a combo guard...Rose wouldn't have gotten the MVP, but he could have been just as good. And those two would have been the two best guards in the league that year...and if it did work out that way, they're probably a better team than the Heat team that did go the Finals that year. But that Heat team without Wade? Chicago is clearly better.

You know Lebron doesn't go to Miami then...and neither does of them go to Chicago lol.

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