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Default Re: If Lebron Sits Out The Next Game And Wade Plays......

Originally Posted by Money 23

Great post!

But I'll have to disagree on being visibily hampered by his decline. We know it's coming, but I don't think it has limited him at all to start the season.

My theory is that I believe the insertion of Battier into the starting line up has really made Wade work harder for the shots he prefer. His go to move has been somewhat eliminated with Shane at the 4 and Bosh at the 5. This move is the pick and roll game. Wade's game has always been about being deceptive. Using a big man to fake the screen and having them stay put to sell the pick in roll even when it isn't there. Bosh rolls to the basket too soon and doesn't stick with what Wade is doing because of his playing style. Only Haslem and Joel Anthony has the patience and effort to set Wade free where DWade can feast on the big men down low.

Wade was unstoppable on top of the key because you knew what was coming, but didn't know how to stop his pick and roll game without doubling him before the point of attack. I believe Wade always knew how to use his big men better than any superstar of his time. He's just not completely comfortable out there it seems like. His mind is wondering too much.

Now he's doing more one-on-one (no screens) and plays that are drawn up whether it is posting up, cutting, or being a decoy. His constant pressure on the defense has been reduced, and it's because of how the gameplan has changed throughout the years. In their first year together (Lebron and Wade), they took turns doing what they knew best. Now it's what Spoelstra wants because now he has the credibility and confidence from the organization.

Wade's definitely trying to master all the skills Jordan had to develop though. Wade's midrange has shown improvement this season and he's added a more versatile game in the post. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the season how he evolves as a player and superstar he really can be still. And I do agree his minutes and role need to be under closer examination. I simply hate him right now because he might've ruined his legacy for the sake of the team, but I have to respect what he has done...especially for Lebron.

I've got to put this out there but I do think Wade will struggle as he gets older because he isn't 6'6"+ and isn't a sharp spot shooter.
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