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Originally Posted by KevinNYC
Well there's some explosives in the case, since they mentioned RDX showed up in the tests.

But yes, it must have been something more important for them to go commando.

Also, the CIA guys survived that attack? One of them is out of the hospital? What? I'd have to watch that scene again, but those guys were firing multiple shots from a military weapon. Why would they leave anyone alive?

It does seem to be veering away from realism.

Well Quinn was 'acting' like he was dead when they walked right past him out of door. Galvez is as good as dead from what they make it sound like. Seeing as how they just shot up a store in a small neighborhood they probably didn't have too much time to go around checking pulses or firing off extra shots at everyone to make sure they're dead. Still veering away from the realism aspect I agree though.
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