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Default Re: If Lebron Sits Out The Next Game And Wade Plays......

Originally Posted by Money 23
Under Mike Brown? Nah. Bosh clearly stated he wouldn't go to Cleveland, that was one of the issues that LeBron felt forced to go to Miami. Amare already had signed w/ NYC and he needed Amare or Bosh.

No one wanted to go to Cleveland, that was the problem. And I don't think LeBron / STAT or Bosh could beat Thibs Bulls of Rose, Wade, Deng, Boozer, Noah.

Their team is too complete. They have shooters, defenders, big men, and unlike the actual 2011 Bulls, they have 2x legit game changing / play making superstars.

Chicago boys win, 1989 and 1990 Detroit Piston style. Godly back court, and great defense.
Well, with STAT he would have gone there earlier when they were trying to trade J.J. Hickson for him. Forget when exactly that was. LeBron was relatively close in Cleveland, a legit star as his 2nd option may have got him over the hump.
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