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Default Re: R.I.P. Hostess bakery

Originally Posted by daily
Saw a piece on the news an hour ago and protesters in front of a closed Hotess plant in LA said they think it's still a ploy by management.

The reporter pointed out that the teamsters union which has seen the books is saying vote and get back to work or lose your job and the guy said his union leader told them that was a lie spread by Hostess management. She showed him a clip of a teamster union rep in an interview from last night and when the camera went back he was beet red, I thought the guy was going to stroke out there on live tV.

You feel for these people if their union bosses are leading them down the wrong path

Its no ploy. The contract the workers were voting on really does suck, but the union isn't conceding a single thing or approaching any kind of good faith negotiation. The bakeries are shut down as of 5pm today. The guys who work my route will have no products to deliver as of Monday morning when I would see them next and both of them were under orders to empty their trucks by the end of the day. Management still need permission from a Bankruptcy court judge to sell off the brands and assets and if that goes through, that's pretty much the end of the line. 18,000+ people out of work.
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