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Default Re: Rudy Gay vs. Luol Deng

Deng is also a player that bricks more than he makes, every time he takes a wide open 3 I hold my breath. He shoots at like 40-41%, which is horrible for a small forward with that size and length. Bigger you are, better your percentages should be, but Deng is too stupid and lacks the skill to utilize his gifts or at least learn a move or two. His ball handling sucks, his shooting is extremely inconsistent, he gets nice stats in the regular season but during playoffs he just gets exposed. He is not a reliable 3rd option, especially not in this era of super teams with 2-3 allstars that can handle the rock.

His defense is overrated as well, especially on Lebron/Carmelo. He just backs off and dares them to take jumpers without actually playing physical defense, he is a statue. Problem is those guys just relax and splash jumpers in his face without any urgency. Him and Boozer are the worst 2nd/3rd options for a contender, Bulls need to seriously rethink their strategy and rebuild. As is, Rose will get tired of being bounced by the Heat and leave for a team who can build a real roster around him.
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