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Default Re: Sources: Lakers hire Mike D'Antoni

Originally Posted by L.A. Jazz
oh, i respect Phil as much as anyone. i watched him destroying my Jazz 97 and 98. i loved the Shaq/Kobe years and i enjoyed the last two rings. that being said, i didnt like what i heard about Phils demands from the start. now i transfer myself into Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchek to answer your question:

there is a natural hierarchy, i am the boss and you as a coach report to me. and you cant come in and negotiate that. i would never let that happen. (and why should Jim Buss do? he maybe an idiot but he is the boss, if you like it or not.)

a simple NO to the nonsense with coaching only RS home games. if you cant do the travelling anymore, you are too old for the NBA. there is no chance i pay you that much money sitting at home while the team is on an 8 game road trip. thats where teams bond, where you see how they work away from home. Phil himself said so in one of the championship DVDs.

10-12 Mio dollars is a lot of money. plus he wanted Shaw and/or most of his old aasistants back. paying them and paying MB and his assistants, is a boatload of money. needs to be considered.

back into myself:
for me those are big arguments against PJax, without talking baskteball systems and players. would i have hired D'Antoni? No way. I would not be in this situation because i would have hired Rick Adleman last year. ;) think about having Adleman, Howard and CP3? could have been.

Jim Buss and Mitch have to deal with the reality they created by hiring MB and now Dantoni. i think they made the wrong choice both times, but thats their faults and not Dantonis, so i will keep my feelings against him in me and watch what he can do with this roster.
This is a very fair post and I agree with all points. This was not only a basketball decision but also a business decision.
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