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Default Re: Sources: Lakers hire Mike D'Antoni

As I see it, hiring Mike Brown and 'Antoni to coach this very expensive team is like a NASCAR owner spending a fortune on a race car and then putting a 12 year old behind the wheel then replacing him with a 17 year old and expecting to's just dumb, why spend the money if you are not going to get the job done. The Lakers with that huge TV contract could easily afford Phil and his assistants. Look at how much more money the team would make off extra playoff/finals games and merchandise.......not to mention tying Boston for most titles. If Phil were here for 2 years that's long was Mike Brown I'd take Phil in a KNOW he can win titles.....and this would be his easiest year by far, he has never had this level of talent.
As for the road games.....really, who gives a's all about having the BEST in the playoffs and finals.....I'll take the best playoff coach in history over a never been there coach any day. Chances of winning go WAY UP!!!!
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