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Default Re: My 2012-2013 HS season kicks

Originally Posted by SourPatchKids
Pulled the trigger and picked up the Nike Zoom Soldier VI's for the upcoming school season. Based on 6 or 7 performance reviews I've read and a few side by side comparisions, it should be an upgrade to my current shoe, the Huarache 2K4's, in every way except for traction. The good thing is people say the Soldier VI's have ridiculously good traction but it just so happents that the 2K4's probably have the best traction for any basketball shoe of all time.

There were way better colorways but since my school kicks can only have black, white, or a combination of those I got these.

(yes i know there's some gray on there but I didn't want to get the all black ones).

never liked shoes with the strap over the tongue, never felt comfortable in them

btw your school colorway sucks lol
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