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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

I blame Clutch, Woodson and Chandler for this loss.

Clutch- because you lost on 2k
Woodson- for not making the proper adjustments. This was a terrible game for him coaching wise. He had Melo guarding Gasol and Z-Bo all game. Memphis exploited this over and over and he stuck with it. And when Sheed had that strong 1st half, why did we not play him in the 2nd half during our comeback?
Chandler- It's official. I'm done with this guy. He's so overrated and overpaid. He doesnt even rebound anymore. He got killed down low tonight. Him and Novak are getting exposed this year...just like I thought they would. Trade him now before it's too late. N No..I'm not just overreacting to this game. I've been unimpressed by this guy for a while. I've reached my breaking point. He needs to go. The contract doesn't remotely warrant the production.
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