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Default Re: I didnt make my High School Basketball Team?

Originally Posted by DwadeOverLebron
They were faster quicker then all of us, I believe asian kids develop a little slower than other races. .
are u freakin' serious? explain kung fu then. i'm kidding but what you stated is borderline racist, man. not cool.

i would hope the coach didn't make that decision based on your race. if so, that team wouldn't have been worth playing on.

ask him what kept you from making the squad. i'm not so sure asking for another chance would help at all. if he gave you a 2nd chance, he would have to give all the other guys that got cut the same, fair 2nd chance, right?

sorry to hear this happened. not getting picked in something you really enjoy just plain sucks. you may not see it now, but maybe there can be some sort of positive outcome to this. try joining a local team at a rec center and play your butt off. take the feeling of getting cut and turn it into some hardcore energy on the court.
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