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Default Re: New York Knicks (6-0) vs. Memphis Grizzlies (6-1), 9:30 PM EST, ESPN

Originally Posted by Y2Gezee
That was a fun game to watch seriously.

I think Woodson's taking a lot of flak here that's sorta undeserved. Only thing I'd have liked to see would've been the Knicks running more in transition to exploit the speed advantages of Melo and even Tyson over the Grizzlies.

I don't know what's going on with Camby, and why he hasn't seen the court in these 2 games (people thought he was getting saved for). But I don't think the size advantage over Melo was as big an issue as people make it out to be.

Melo did guard Gasol for the most part. The only time he was really man handled was off of a transition post up where he pinned Melo under the basket and turned for a shot. Other than that, I'd say Melo forced him away a lot. Gasol got a basket by man handling Tyson for an offensive board putback, scored a couple times on Sheed and then Tyson in the first half, had a long range jumper vs no one. Gasol then had a 12pt 3rd period, a period where Melo was out from the 9+ minute mark due to a couple BS fouls. And that's where the game was lost.

the Knicks offense looked lost in the 3rd period without Carmelo during that run. And without Carmelo, there's nothing to truly initiate the offense from except for Felton Pick and rolls with chandler. Which is exactly why they need Amare Stoudemire. There is no true second option on this team without Amare., as JR and Felton are 3rd options at best. Where as Amare is even a high quality 1st option that would've fit right into this game where they needed size.

But if there was no foul trouble in regards to Melo, I think the Knicks would've been right in that game with a chance to win it in the 4th. He had a pretty good 1st half, and had the biggest mismatches in the game to exploit when they switched the bigs onto him.

Overall though, the Grizzlies ended up out rebounding the Knicks by 1, and 2 more offensive boards. And IMO the person that was manhandled the most was Tyson Chandler. But it was a hard fought game, where an early frustrating 3rd quarter took the Knicks out.
I appreciate this perspective, and would really like to agree, but I just think that Woodson didn't do nearly enough, scheme and rotation-wise, to counteract what Hollns was doing.

More than just getting needless fouls, Melo was completely thrown off by having to guard a 5. He shouldn't have had to do that. That's something where a coach looks at the situation and should say, "Ok, we have to try something else".

I also think that JR spent way too much time at the point. It obviously would have helped the Knicks' offensive flow to have the ball more in Ray's, or Kidd's, hands. Also, as you said,, Tyson has to play better.

I love the fight and competitiveness the Knicks showed, though. I mean, the Grizz could end up winning the West, and in my view the Knicks are the second best team in the East. So, it was a potential Finals matchup that lived up to the hype.

I just wish the refs hadn't screwed up so badly. A tight game down the stretch would have been awesome.
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