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Default Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Discussion

At this point i am just sick & tired of Call of Duty..... seriously will they ever stop making the same damn game all the time? Game wise, any CoD delivers when you play it the first time, the shooting is solid and the action is intense, if you like that type of arcadeish monotonous games.....

But it gets tiring/boring very fast and then all of the sudden a new CoD game comes out and guess what? Its really not new.... its like a DLC to the CoD version you was already playing...

If you compare mcdonalds with going to a restaurant, CoD is the mcdonalds. There are a lot of flashy things, lots of kiddies and you will be saturated afterwards super fast. But do you really want to eat mcdonalds? I know i don't anymore. The taste is fine but you just get the feeling you could have gone and eat better somewhere else.....

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