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Default Re: New York Knicks (6-0) vs. Memphis Grizzlies (6-1), 9:30 PM EST, ESPN

The loss came down to 3 things, in importance:

1. Grizzlies played well. Really good team, executes well, and just BIG and athletic wings.....yeesh, they are tough.

2. Woodson went unncessarily small. I think it DID make a difference. Going small can work against 90% of the teams, but not Grizzlies. Too big and dominant and talented inside. Let Kurt Thomas bang against Randolph/Gasol and let Melo go after Gay. I would have let Brewer come off bench. Against this team, you need 2 out of 3 bigs on floor at all time (Tyson, Kurt, Sheed).

3. Refs definitely gave Grizzlies some home cooking.....and Knicks did not handle it well. Meltdown mode. Woodson should have called some timeouts to refocus his team and stop that ridiculous run. Lost the whole game in 3rd quarter.

Anyway, congrats to Grizz. Can't win em all. If gonna lose a game, no shame in losing this one.
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