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Default Re: to you, what are the top 5 teams in the NBA so far?

Originally Posted by 2010splash
If contenders describes any 50+ win team, then yeah they can be contenders. But they'd get owned in a 7-game series against the Lakers, Spurs or Thunder.

i honestly fail to see how the clippers would get "owned" by any of them. they are not the same team as last year. their chemistry is so much better this year, and jordan is actually starting to play up to his capability. plus crawford playing under control, and they still have billups coming back who will probably start at the 2 when he comes back.

thunder have lots of problems with the clips because griffin is probably the only PF more athletic than ibaka, and perkins just isnt athletic enough to be effective against them. they usually rape them on the glass

still not sold on the lakers being some automatic finals team. they have no bench, no 3 pt shooting, and no speed in the back court.

i wouldnt be surprised at all to see a clippers vs grizz WCF
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