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Default Re: Assassin's creed 3

Originally Posted by nightprowler10
It's a weird comparison actually since we got to see Ezio from his teenage years all the way into his old age. Same with Altair, though not to the same extent.

What I can say is how much more of a tragic story Connor has when compared to the others. Ezio and Altair saw a lot of heartache, but man, Connor has had a rough life when you think about it. Never knew his father growing up. Mother killed by father's closest friends. Killed his own father. Spent the better half of his life trying to help his people by helping the Patriots, only to see the Patriots return the favor by displacing his people.

I really really felt for him when Juno told him that "What you seek does not exist". Damn. At least Altair took Masyaf back and retired, and Ezio got revenge on all the people that killed his family. It seems impossible for Connor to get any closure.

I really enjoyed that about Connor's story. It was a lot of grey area where the past games had a clear good vs evil style with Ezio. Connor was just an honorable man trying to do right by his people and humanity but was faced with a bleak reality. The voice acting was excellent for Connor too which helped.
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