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Default Re: Would you be willing to name a kid after a fictional character?

Originally Posted by Scholar
So my brother in law & his g/f are having a baby boy soon. They asked my wife & I for baby names because they want something unique, and apparently, since I'm a brown dude, I must know of some.

I suggested a couple of names that I think are cool (if you identify them from anywhere, ):

My BIL said he liked them both but when his g/f found out they were from video games, she instantly shot them down.

What do you think ISH? Yay or nay on naming your baby after a game/tv/movie character you like? Is that extremely geeky?

And assuming you were to choose a name for your unborn child, is there any name from a game/tv show/movie you'd be willing to give your kid?
definitely not naming a kid after a video game. a name in a work of classic lit or something like that? Sure.
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