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Default Re: Sources: Lakers hire Mike D'Antoni

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Oh okay! He wasn't 0-10 guys, dont worry, he was 5-11. Much better.

It seems to me that you do not read before you comment. I said as a player he was a legend. That does not guarantee he would be a good coach or manager. If you one more time, mention that I am "bashing Magic" then that is my indicator you really don't read.

Keep in mind as well, since I am not directly quoting something, some information that I give is reported from what I can remember. For example, when you said that the Magic coached lakers lost the last 10 in a row, rather than my mis-read or forgotten info that he's 0-10 overall, it would have helped me understand more. But you can't seem to live without some sort of confrontation.

And yeah, you know what, I wasn't born in the 70's watching Magic and Kareem. Luckily enough, they put that stuff on TV for guys like me who didn't have the pleasure of being born into this time period.

What are you gonna say next, its my fault I wasn't born earlier?

First off, there is a HUGE difference between having your own team that you have taught an offense to and have started the season with THAN taking over a sinking ship bad team with 16 games left to play. I HOPE you can understand that. In addition Magic had never coached before and got thrown in at the last minute, he had a very aggressive approach that didn't sit well with the players who were already making their offseason plans. It started off wekk but after a couple losses, Magic laid into the guys and they just played out the last games. At that time, Magic knew the game extremely well and knew what he wanted the team to do but hadn't been trained in the type of people skills that a coach needs to in Phil's greatest strength....managing egos. Now to say Magic couldn't coach is being oblivious of the facts as I stated. I bust your chops because you try to talk about stuff you have absolutely no knowledge or understanding of......and worse won't listen to those who know more than you about an era before you were even a teenager.
To insult Magic in saying his opinion holds as much weight as yours.....if you are going to make a comment like that you had damn well better know WTF you are talking about and not come up with 0-10 or Magic won titles without Kareem.
If you want to argue a point don't bother with senseless, clueless points, stick to what you know and can discuss in an intelligent manner.
Saying that oh, Magic never played for D' than lame, I didn't have to play for Mike Brown to know he was an idiot who couldn't coach and a terrible hire.....I didn't even have to wait for him to coach a Lakers game....I saw him in Cleveland, he didn't know wtf he was doing.
All my NBA friends knew Brown was an idiot too and laughed at him......yet you were hanging on to him like he was suddenly going to sprout into greatness
You posts in this thread have been so over the top I had to call you on it.
I do think very highly of you but at some point I have to say something.
It's all good hate here
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