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Default Re: Report: Shabazz Muhammad Reinstated!

"UCLA acknowledged amateurism violations occurred and asked the NCAA on Friday afternoon to reinstate Muhammad," the NCAA said in a statement. "The university required the student-athlete to miss 10 percent of the season (three games) and repay approximately $1,600 in impermissible benefits."NCAA student-athlete reinstatement guidelines say that when the value of benefits are greater than $1,000, the punishment is "withholding of 30 percent of eligibility for one season of competition and repayment." Thirty percent of a college basketball season is considered nine games.

Muhammad received the suspension penalty normally associated with benefits ranging between $500 and $700, yet still has to repay "approximately $1,600."

When asked by ESPN about the discrepancy, NCAA spokesperson Stacey Osbourn replied, "We don't have anything to share beyond the statement at this point."

The NCAA can't even follow the NCAA's rules. Let that sink in. The rules are so stupid that the people that created them can't keep them straight.

The NCAA is a farce. It's be hilarious how incompetent they are if it weren't them screwing with kids' careers.
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