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Default Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Discussion

Originally Posted by GOBB
UconnCeltics I noticed you were on the other team. My bad dude, I was in a party. We had 6 and I dont think they wanted to play Ground War or I would have invited you to join. You're one brave soul sticking around when you were by yourself or with 1-2 scrubs.

I have more success KD wise at TDM than Domination (in a party). I rush B so much I get killed. I dont like playing back, defensive. Impatient.
Well thank you. I'm glad people appreciate people with a little bit of integrity and sticking it out.

Only idiots rush B. I always run from A to C, no matter what. Right now too much random BS happens. Grenades, dumb hitmarkers, lag comp, everything, cover being worthless. Like on Raid, the curtains overlooking the pool area stop bullets, but in Carrier hiding behind one of those perpendicular metal platforms you get hit. WTF is that? And I swear bullets curve around objects like in Wanted.

And I don't know if anybody has run into this, but you get 100 points for every attack dog you kill. I don't think they bark though? One snuck up on me and have me the business and I was like what the hell was that?

AN-94, get the first 2 bullets to hit and you win the gunfight 80% of the time.
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