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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'ASSOCIATION MODE' Discussion

Originally Posted by irondarts
Started my first association, I was stuck on what team to pick so I picked the Bobcats (lol). Haven't really made any moves at all.

My starting lineup:

PG - Kemba Walker
SG - Ben Gordon
SF - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
PF - Bismack Biyombo
C - Brendan Haywood


Ramon Sessions
Tyrus Thomas
Gerald Henderson
Byron Mullens
Lance Stephenson
Desagana Diop
Solomon Alabi
Damion James

So far the only moves I've made are:

Waived Matt Carrol
Traded Reggie Williams to the Cavs for a 2013 2nd Round Pick
Traded a 2014 Second Round pick to the Pacers for Lance Stephenson and a 2013 Second Round Pick (Basically got Lance for nothing since we both swapped picks as well).
Signed Solomon Alabi to a 1 yr/473 K contract
Signed Damion James to a 2 yr/3 million dollar contract

Some thoughts:

Kemba is real good in this game, he's a very good scorer. Ben Gordon is a good scorer as well as has a nice shot in this game, he can fill it up in bunches. MKG is AWESOME in this game, he does it all, he's like Iggy-lite and is by far the best player on the team, his shot is pretty awful though. Bismack is a beast on the boards and on defense, but isn't great offensively, I'm lucky to get 10-12 points with him. Haywood sucks and I'm probably going to move Bismack to Center and start Tyrus Thomas at PF, Tyrus is decent in the game. Haywood does NOTHING offensively and isn't very good on the boards either.

I miss the D-League feature, I used to like sending my younger guys to the D-League so they could play, but it looks like that's not an option this year.
Been spending a bit of time on this Association lately. Right now my record with this team is 16-9. The Bobcats are much improved, Gerald Henderson is an incredible scorer in this game. MKG is just a beast in every aspect, he's been very good offensively and he is just a beast on the defensive end of the ball.

Just made this trade:

I get:
Richard Jefferson
Draymond Green
Andris Biedrins
Warriors 2013 1st Round Pick

Warriors get:
Ben Gordon
Brendan Haywood
Damion James
DaSagana Diop
2014 2nd Round Pick

I liked this trade because:

Haywood is trash, I get rid of Gordon which opens up more playing time for Gerald Henderson, get rid of Diop and get a potential lottery pick - plus this gives me roughly 4 million dollars in cap space.

New starting lineup:

PG - Kemba Walker (Averaging 18/6/4)
SG - Gerald Henderson (Averaging 15/2/2)
SF - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Averaging 20/8/4/2/2)
PF - Bismack Biyombo (Averaging 7/11/3/3)
C - Byron Mullens (Averaging 12/8/3)

Bench Rotation:

Ramon Sessions (Averaging 7/7/4)
Tyrus Thomas (Averaging 7/4)
Richard Jefferson (Averaging 7/3/3)
Andris Biedrins (Averaging 2/6/2)

First game following the trade with the Warriors Gerald Henderson dropped 49 points and Kemba went 20 Points/19 Assists/10 Rebounds.

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